Dear God (Nihinola)

Dear God,

Well Daddy, is it okay if I call you that? I just want to say thank you. Anytime i say thank you, tears well up in my eyes! Why? Simply because You keep doing marvellous things in my life. I look back and wonder why am I soo soo blessed? Definitely not by my power or might, But by your Grace Daddy , I’m thankful

Woooow! Thank you for 2015, yet another Year. Thank you for emotions. The tingling sensation I feel when I try to imagine what you’ve planned for me. Do i even have the brain capacity to imagine it?

Wonderful Daddy, I can only pray your will be done on Heaven and on earth. I commit myself unto thee. Help Help Help me to stand firm in Christ. Please please please Do not leave or forsake me. Thank you again Daddy Lord.

Your daughter,

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Stay blessed! ❤️

Dear God (Ezinne)

Dear God,
It’s me again.
Um, I know I haven’t been talking to you a lot recently & that’s why I’m so nervous now but I have a lot to say & you’re the only one I know that’ll completely understand.

When I started this year, I was so sad & afraid. I used to cry a lot, but you know that already, don’t you?
Because I stayed in your presence for hours sometimes begging that my parents stay together but they separated anyway.

You have never ignored my prayers Daddy and that was why I was so confused. I didn’t talk to you for months because I was so angry and hurt and it was a good excuse to sin.

Why my family? It hurt to see my siblings hurt and I suffered. Stepped up, took on so much responsibility, while trying to hide my sadness and problems from the world and also not mess up in school.

But then You still called me. You made events in my life turn around and lead me back to You. And now I finally understand. I’m SO much stronger & braver & wiser. I know what I want & what I don’t. All this time I thought you abandoned me but you were really just toughening me.
Making me into this amazing, beautiful, woman who is now wife material uncountable yards lol because you have great plans for me.
I just love you.
You’re the real mvp lol.
You’re my best friend.
You’re amazing.

All my love forever,

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Stay blessed! ❤️

Daddy Says; Don’t Worry.

Daddy Says; Don’t Worry.

I was sad, depressed and scared. So scared. The devil kept trying to disturb me with all these thoughts that are only meant to bring me down. I was so scared. I was so worried.

And then Daddy, My Heavenly Father told me why I shouldn’t worry. Daddy reminded me who He is, and in doing so, reminded me who I am.

Daddy told me that I shouldn’t worry because I love Him and all things would work together for my good. And so I shouldn’t worry.

Daddy said I shouldn’t worry because He knows the plans He has for me. Good plans, not evil ones. Plans to prosper me, and to give me an expected end.

Daddy said I shouldn’t worry because He even feeds the birds of the air. And He even clothes the flowers oh so beautifully. Daddy said if He could do all, how much more Somto; the apple of His eyes?

Daddy says I’m a masterpiece. His masterpiece. That I was created for His good works which He prepared for me a long time ago, that I should work in it.

And you know what else? My Daddy reminded me that He is God of ALL flesh. My Daddy reminded me that absolutely NOTHING is too hard for Him.

And then My Daddy reminded me that He is the One who is able to do EXCEEDINGLY, ABUNDANTLY, ABOVE ALL I can ask or think.

Daddy said Be still, and know that I am God.

Just like that. Just like that guys, every worry, every fear disappeared. Nobody had to tell the devil to dust it’s slippers and run (full speed o!)

Now. I’m putting this up because I want you to know what to do when the father of all liars; satan tries to deceive and discourage you.
When it tries to make you doubt everything God has said about you.
When it (satan) makes you feel like there is no more hope, and there’s nothing to live for anymore.
When it tries to make you feel like the journey is too much for you.

Next time satan tries to discourage you, talk to Daddy, okay?

Daddy is reaching out to YOU. He wants to have this conversation with YOU. He wants to tell you these things. Allow Him.

I pray that by the Holy Spirit’s conviction, this message I’m trying to pass through will do its work. In Jesus name, Amen.

Stay blessed, my people ❤️