2014: My Thanksgiving and Testimony

Will my 2014 be complete if I don’t talk about Your goodness, Lord?
If I don’t share my testimony, Daddy? If I don’t tell the world how good, how amazing, how wonderful, how marvelous You’ve been to me?
I don’t know, I’m not sure it will.
Here I am Lord, here I am to celebrate You. To let You know that you truly are God.


I’m not sure where to start from. This year, Lord, You taught me that I truly am NOTHING without You.
You taught me to depend on You, and you brought me deeper in You.
You taught me to not care about about the opinion of other people. You taught me to ignore the side talks. You taught me to keep my focus on You alone. You let me know that I live to please You, and You alone.

Oh My Amazing Creator. This year, You’ve taken me through a period of preparation. Painstakingly taught me lesson after lesson, on how to live in a way that is pleasing in Your sight. You molded me, and You’re still molding me into the vessel You want me to be.

There were times I failed You. Times I didn’t meet up to Your expectations. Times I missed the mark. But You were always there. With arms wide spread in love, waiting to take me back. What manner of man are You, My Saviour?

And then there were times where I felt like giving up. The devil never stopped trying to come in. Never stopped trying to find a loophole. Never stopped trying to attack.
Through it all, Daddy. Through it all, You’ve been faithful.

Ah, JEHOVAH! You have shown Yourself to me this year!
People talk and talk and talk about You. But how many people truly know You? How many people have truly experienced You, for who You are?

Jehovah Jireh. Jehovah Nissi. Jehovah Shammah. Adonai. JEHOVAH RAPHA. Jehovah Meschidesken. Jehovah Tsikednu. Redeemer. SAVIOUR. Lover. LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH. Mighty Man in Battle!
Father, I do not call You these names simply because of how nice they sound, or because I want to show that I know them, and I know their meanings.
I call You these names because that is how You have showed Yourself to me this year. When I call you these names, I do with meaning. Because I know that is who You are, and You have revealed Yourself as such in my life.

Then comes my question. Who am I, O Sovereign Lord, that You have brought me this far?
What have I done, to deserve Your blessings? Your glory? Your favour? Your upliftment? Your Spirit?
You’ve taken me far Daddy. Brought me to places I actually never expected. And You know what else, You’re not done. This is only the beginning. Wow. I’m blown away, My love.

Thank you. All I have to say is thank you.
For my life, Thank you.
For my family, Thank you.
For the amazing friends you sent my way this year, Thank you.
For the wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ you’ve given me, Thank you.
For the members of my Bible study group, Thank you.
For every battle You have lead me through, Thank you.
For every victory You have given me, Thank you.
For every new height You have taken me to, Daddy, Thank you.
For the lives of the people who read my blog, Thank you Daddy.

I love you. I love you feels insufficient to express this feeling I’m feeling. My hearts is overflowing with love for you Jehovah. I love you. I love you. I love you. Onye n’emenma, Dalu so. Imela ❤️❤️

Dear God (Uche)

Dear God,
You know I love you so much right? Last day of 2014 and I’m alive! Hehe, I’m so thankful for everything you’ve done for me in 2014.
Thankful for Your mercy and grace, thankful for preserving and keeping me and my family.
Even though the enemy tried to take You away from me through some tough situations it didn’t succeed, ko poss.
Then you gave me this sweet result, mann Daddy you’re too much! And the fact that I thought my Christmas would be horrible, it was marvelousss. Thank you once again!
Daddy remember the thing I asked you for before the end of 2014, I’m still expecting and even though it’s the last day of 2014, You’d still surprise me. I have faith in you ^^ , no matter what happens though I believe Your will is the best for me. Of course!
Cheers to more and more years together till the end.
I love youuu muahh!

Dear God (Oriana)

Dear God,

It’s been a while.
I’ve just been feeling so bleehh lately and I know that I should have come to you before now but I didn’t know how.
I mean, your daughter is going through it, like really going through at the moment.
The temptation is suffocating, I’m about to lose my mind. I
need your peace. I need the silence so I can hear from You.
I feel like our connection is slowly disintegrating and I hate it.
Dad please come through for me, I can’t do it on my own.

Your Beloved,

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Stay blessed! ❤️

Dear God (RSI)

Dear God,
You know who’s writing to you.
I really need to let this out, you are my best friend. And you’re like the best, best friend ever.
I’m sure you already know about this boy, but I’m still going to tell you about him anyway.
He’s now my ex boyfriend, how I wish that wasn’t a fact.
I know we did disappoint you a couple of times in our acts, and I sincerely apologise for that.
But honestly, I just want to thank you for what you have made me realise. For finally letting me know my worth. And for showing me that I deserve much more.
Our break up would probably be the toughest thing right now, but that’s why I’ve got you.
Oh, I love you so much, cause you’ve just got me forever. Help me till the time is right, to find another.
I love you Lord. I really really do.

Rsi x

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Stay blessed! ❤️

Dear God (El)

Dear Elohim,

I call you El, because it is also my name. It makes me feel like we get each other. I know you get me, which is crazy because I don’t get myself that much, and I get you even less. But I do share your name. That gives me some comfort. Comfort about life.

I often don’t ask of you a lot, because I believe that you know me better than I know myself, and you know what you are doing with me.
I have faith in this.
And in my quiet moments, I always feel your presence.

What I do ask of you, Lord, is understanding. Let me understand life; mine and that of others. All life.
Why, Lord? Why this entire edifice? What is it about us that made this necessary?
What is it about you that you want us to understand?
How does a reckless fool like me learn wisdom?
I love those parts of the Bible where I am told that you speak with a still, small voice. Like I said, I’ve often found you in the silent places of life, in the face of those experiences which we can not put into words.
How do I stay there?
I know that we do not die at them, but until we die, am I ever going to understand?
I am full of questions, some of them so impossible to put into words that I must pass over them in silence. I trust that you understand.
I need you to help me make things clear.

Your son.

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Dear God (Sandra Adeyemi)

Dear God (Sandra Adeyemi)

Dear God,
Firstly, I just want to thank you for everything that you have done, what you are presently doing and what you are going to do in my life.
Many times I complain even when I know I shouldn’t. I doubt your abilities and I limit you with my own words and thoughts, and for that Father I come before you to ask for forgiveness.

Sigh, God, you see all that is going on and sometimes it feel like nothing is happening. Most times I want to give up, I want to yell or cry. But then I have to remember that you said you have a plan for me, to give me a future and an end.
It’s frustrating sometimes I won’t lie but I know that you will work everything out for my good.
Thank you for restoring peace in my family.

Mold me o Lord into your humble servant. When people see me let them see Christ. Create in me a clean Heart God. Help me to love others like you’ve loved me. Help me to love you more than anything. Because you must increase and I must decrease. Let everything that I do please you. Let me not put you or myself to shame. It is not easy and I cannot do it on my own. I need you each and everyday to get by. Help me to strain my mouth God because I know I be too quick to talk sometimes.

Please protect all my loved ones. All my sisters and brothers in Christ and even those who don’t know you. Bring all your children back home. And I pray everyone encounters you in a different way like never before.
Thank you Jesus.


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The Dear God Series

The Dear God Series

I’m going to be starting a new series on the blog titled “Dear God”s

Basically, a couple of contributors are going to be sharing heartfelt letters written to God here.

Why are we doing this?

There is something about our mindset on prayer. A lot of people feel like if you’re going to pray to God, you have to obey a lot of protocol, and use a lot of very official and formal words. We approach prayer and talking to God like we’re speaking to our President instead of to our best friend. But God really is our Friend. He’s our loving Father and so He wants us to speak to Him in that accord.

When you write letters to God, it personalizes everything. Now you’re writing to your Loving Father, to your Best Friend. The words flow out. Sometimes you find that you cannot stop writing.

This is the point of the Dear God series.

Because we are tired of prayers that are only “Forgive me God, I ask you for *insert your latest want here* God, Thank you God.

We we want to go from that to “Dear God, I’ve had an awesome day today. I even met a new friend today, I hope she turns out to be a great person… (and it goes on)

We want to have a REAL conversation. A MEANINGFUL conversation. An INSIGHTFUL conversation with our Father.


It is my prayer that God uses this to teach us how to communicate effectively with Him in Jesus name, Amen!


If you would want to be part of the Dear God series, and share your letter to God. Please email me at somtoudeke@gmail.com

You can also send in your letter to God here

Memoirs of My Missions Trip to Frankadua, Eastern Region, Ghana.

Earlier this year; from the 28th of July till the 3rd of August, I went on a mission trip to Frankadua, in the eastern region of Ghana.
What an experience!
Basically, I went with the missions department of my school – Central University College.
At first, I was really hesitant to. I had so many questions – Am I ready for this? Can I do it? Challenges and all?
I am so glad and thankful to God that I eventually did.

It was POWERFUL in every sense of the word! My God!
There is a joy that comes from sharing the word of God. It’s wonderful.

Our main daily activities were –
1. Dawn broadcast (4:00 am – 5:00 am)
We would go in groups to different parts of the village with those little amplifiers and all. People would just be rising up from sleep, sweeping their compounds and stuff. We would just preach the message of salvation, encourage the people. Share the love of God with them.

2. House to House Evangelism (8:15 am – 11:30 am, 1:30pm – 4:30pm)
This was my second best favourite activity. Everyone partnered up and just went from house to house, preaching the Good News of Christ!
This one dealt with me emotionally.
I went to some houses and I just had to keep my tears inside and compose.
People bared their hearts to me.
I’ll share one story.

My partner and I went to this house. And this man was sitting right outside with a flimsy wrapper around his waist.
Thinking of his story brings me to tears. Even as I write this.
He was successful – working and earning a good salary. He had a wife, he had children too.
And all of a sudden, from nowhere came this disease that left him unable to walk.
He was at the hospital for a while, until all his money was drained on hospital bills. His wife left him, and then his brother brought him back to the village.
In the twinkle of an eye. Everything, gone. His aged mother who should have been enjoying the fruits of her labour was rather the one taking care of him.
You could see the bitterness, the pain in his eyes. He had lost all hope.
This story has a happy ending though. This man stood up on his feet again, and took steps after so many years. God used us to bring back hope into his life.
I don’t know what’s happening with him now, but I know that God is turning his life around for the better.
I entreat you to please pray for him for me.

3. CRUSADE! (6:00pm – 10:00pm)
Well most days we finished at 10pm. Some days we finished later.
This was my favourite part.
GOD MOVED. Did you hear what I said? GOD MOVED!
Everyday, we watched the number of people attending the crusade increase.
The altar calls – amazing. People surrendering their lives to Jehovah. It was awesome.

At the end of it all, I wish we had stayed for longer. 2 weeks, 3 or even a month.
We formed a real bond with the people of Frankadua.
And God moved.
God brought hope to those people through us, but He also taught me a lot. I learnt, I grew, I loved.

I look forward to attending more mission trips every year.

I also ask that you please put the people of Frankadua in the Eastern region of Ghana in your prayers for me.

I’ll share a couple of pictures as well.



















Stay blessed 💜

Daddy Says; Don’t Worry.

Daddy Says; Don’t Worry.

I was sad, depressed and scared. So scared. The devil kept trying to disturb me with all these thoughts that are only meant to bring me down. I was so scared. I was so worried.

And then Daddy, My Heavenly Father told me why I shouldn’t worry. Daddy reminded me who He is, and in doing so, reminded me who I am.

Daddy told me that I shouldn’t worry because I love Him and all things would work together for my good. And so I shouldn’t worry.

Daddy said I shouldn’t worry because He knows the plans He has for me. Good plans, not evil ones. Plans to prosper me, and to give me an expected end.

Daddy said I shouldn’t worry because He even feeds the birds of the air. And He even clothes the flowers oh so beautifully. Daddy said if He could do all, how much more Somto; the apple of His eyes?

Daddy says I’m a masterpiece. His masterpiece. That I was created for His good works which He prepared for me a long time ago, that I should work in it.

And you know what else? My Daddy reminded me that He is God of ALL flesh. My Daddy reminded me that absolutely NOTHING is too hard for Him.

And then My Daddy reminded me that He is the One who is able to do EXCEEDINGLY, ABUNDANTLY, ABOVE ALL I can ask or think.

Daddy said Be still, and know that I am God.

Just like that. Just like that guys, every worry, every fear disappeared. Nobody had to tell the devil to dust it’s slippers and run (full speed o!)

Now. I’m putting this up because I want you to know what to do when the father of all liars; satan tries to deceive and discourage you.
When it tries to make you doubt everything God has said about you.
When it (satan) makes you feel like there is no more hope, and there’s nothing to live for anymore.
When it tries to make you feel like the journey is too much for you.

Next time satan tries to discourage you, talk to Daddy, okay?

Daddy is reaching out to YOU. He wants to have this conversation with YOU. He wants to tell you these things. Allow Him.

I pray that by the Holy Spirit’s conviction, this message I’m trying to pass through will do its work. In Jesus name, Amen.

Stay blessed, my people ❤️

Casual Christian Conversations: Compliments & Praises

Casual Christian Conversations: Compliments & Praises

I think you’ll learn from this one guys! This is all Tenesan’s end of the conversation.

Lol do you know I don’t really like getting praise?

It makes me feel weird. Because it’s not me, it’s God. It’s like I’m stealing God’s thunder. Even my beauty isn’t mine. There is nothing good about me that isn’t from God.

That’s why I say stuff like “it’s nothing” when people say thank you. I really don’t like it.

That’s how pride creeps in. But then I guess since I hate taking pride for anything good, I have overcome the devil in that aspect.

We just have to apply it to everything else.
We have to apply that to all the things we are weak in.

I have to remind myself that I am the temple of God,
Imagine how angry you would be if you woke up and someone had pood, peed in a temple that God had on earth. Like done graffiti, there was semen everywhere, the place was messy. Rubble had been thrown, broken glass.

That’s how I’m trying to remind myself to feel about my body. It’s not the best way but it’s a first step to overcome the sin of actually wanting to be defiled.

At this rate, I end up so disgusted by the idea, that when temptation comes, it’s subconscious. Saying no is just automatic.

But it’s hard to not end up hating yourself when you do that. So I’m tying to remember that even when I fail and someone touches me, God cleans up that temple he has on earth and makes it different and stronger that it was before.

Oya I’m done lol!

Amazing stuff? Yes?

Stay blessed guys! 💞