In The Days of Your Youth.

In The Days of Your Youth.

YOLO right? You. Only. Live. Once.
Sometime ago, I saw another variation of it. It said YOGO – You’re Only Young Once.
And that is my message for you today. You’re. Only. Young. Once. YOGO.

Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come”— (‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭12‬:‭1‬a NIV)

That’s one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible. It gives me hope. A sense of joy. Makes me feel like I truly am doing the right thing.
I reflected on this scripture, and while reflecting on it, I asked certain questions.

Why does the Bible ask us to Remember our Creator IN THE DAYS OF OUR YOUTH?

Why not in our old age? In our old age, that’s when we’re closer to dying right? So that’s when we really should remember God. So we can go to Heaven. Or?

Or why not just plain “Remember your Creator” so we can remember Him whenever we want? Whenever we are ready? And at whatever age? That works better, doesn’t it?

I mean. Why does the Bible have to say IN THE DAYS OF OUR YOUTH? Shouldn’t that be the best times of our lives? Shouldn’t that be when we’re turning up and enjoying ourselves?
And God expects us to turn our backs on all the fun.
People we know are attending wild parties, getting drunk, having casual sex and we can’t.

As young Christians, we struggle. All the name calling, “Who do you think you are, Virgin Mary?”
The things that people do so casually, we can’t.
Certain conversation that should be “just banter” We cannot engage in.

God knows all this! He is Omniscient after all. So why does He let us go through all this? Why does He want us to remember Him in the days of our youth?

There has to be something about remembering Jehovah in the days of our youth. Right?

YES. Yes. Yesss. YESSS There is!
The Holy Spirit made me understand something, He made me understand that in remembering Him IN. THE. DAYS. OF. MY. YOUTH… I’m sowing seeds.

Seeds. Sowing seeds. That’s what you’re doing when you remember Jehovah in the days of your youth.
The Holy Spirit made me understand that every insult you receive because you’re serving Jehovah… Is a seed!

The sacrifice you make in spending time with God in prayer and in reading the Word, when you have course work and assignments and projects to do… Is a seed!

Oh, and every time you speak to the people around you, and you encourage them to also remember their creator… Is a seed!

You’re sowing seeds that money cannot buy into your future. In the future of your children. Into the future of your children’s children. And into the future of your generation to come.

A bit confused about the seeds I’m talking about? I’m talking about seeds of favour. Seeds of miracles. Seeds of open doors. Seeds of financial prosperity. Seeds of uncommon miracles.

Remember Prophet Samuel in the Bible? When he was only a little boy, he heard the voice of God. Not only did he hear the voice of God, He answered that voice! Not only did he answer the voice, he acted on it!
He remembered his Creator!
And in 1 Samuel 3 where it talks about how God called Samuel, the vs 1b says

Now in those days messages from the Lord were very rare, and visions were quite uncommon

Yet. The Lord broke that trend of uncommon visions and rare messages with Prophet Samuel. This is because Samuel remembered God in his youth!

He wants to do the same for us.

He wants to do an uncommon and rare thing in your life. If you only remember Him NOW in your youth!

YOGO. You’re. Only. Young. Once.
Use your youth wisely!

Stay blessed!

Dear God (Nini)

Dear God,

Sometimes I feel like so many people want to talk at you not with you.
They want to tell you what they want, not what you’re offering them.
They demand from you instead of asking you.
I shout at you instead of crying to you. Sometimes, it’s hard.
The devil is constantly there chilling for me to fall.
Even the word hard makes me feel like I have already because nothing is too hard or impossible for you so why Lord do I go on about my hardships? Why in this letter am I still telling you about how hard my life is?

Man. I don’t even know.

I read somewhere that praise confuses the enemy.
Joy is ignited in my heart when I type that down. Lol. Knowing somehow I can still win this battle.
It gives me home. I guess it’s a start. You’ve done so much for me.
You have brought me through so much, Lord.
You were right (duh) when you said “Is anything too great for the Lord?”.
So why do I complain about my hardships still?
Is it some deep down social need? Or do I not believe you can do it? I will glorify you beyond mountains. I will worship you before the seas.
Oh Jehovah, I will tell all creatures about your works.
Then I will lie in my resting place and praise you with the skies. Oh MY El shaddai, is anything too great for you?

As my tears fall, I know you are comforting me, I know you love me. You are great.. My Baby, I am not here to tell you how hard my life is. I don’t want to talk at you anymore. My Baby, I will not shout at you today. I am here to listen to the King.


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Stay blessed! ❤️

Dear God (Ugonna)

Dear God,
Haha, I just finished reading the Word and I feel kinda great and I know its You doing it because everything good comes from You.
Ehen! I was gonna tell you about this girl, even though you already know… she’s so beautiful!
I think I like her but I need to chill and come to You first because she may not be what you want for me, because You have set out the best for me. Sha, I believe you’ll speak to me more on this topic.
Oh and by the way, God I want to ask for your help with all my assessments, and that of my family members and friends. For your strength and favour with our results.
Thank you for I know you have already done it!
My day is practically about to start and I know you have given me everything I need to take advantage of it!
Thank you very much Lord!

I love you.

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Stay blessed! ❤️

Dear God (Renyé)

Dear God,
Who am I that you listen to me?
Who am I that you hang onto my every thought?
My every song?
My every breath?
Who am I that you bring me to your table and anoint me?
Who am I that you love me royally?
Who am I Lord that I deserve your praise and adoration?
Who am I Lord?
I am your servant.
You are my Father.

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Stay blessed! ❤️



E X C I T E D!
T H R I L L E D!
E N T H U S E D!

I’m sure you already know it, but today is my Saviour’s birthday.

Can I talk a little about this great Son of Man? (He loves to refer to Himself as that 😉)

He loved me, He loves me. Undeserving as I am. He loved me when I was a sinner, and He loves me now. Sometimes I miss the mark, I don’t always get things right, I slip and fall off His path sometimes. Yet He loves me still. For this I celebrate Him.

I’ll tell you what my Redeemer did. I was wearing this robe, and it was dirty. Black. Disgusting. My robe of sin.
My Redeemer took that robe off me, washed it in HIS BLOOD, it became white as snow, and He gave it back to me. A new garment of righteousness. For this I celebrate Him.

I was down to my lowest of lows. I had no one to talk to, to communicate my feelings. Angry, sad, depressed, frustrated. Nobody understood me. But guess what? HE DID!
He told me to cast my every worry and anxiety to Him! He took it away and made me WHOLE. For this I celebrate Him.

Guess what else? My Prince of Peace elevated me! He took me to places I never ever imagined. Places I’m undeserving of. And He’s taking me higher still. For this I celebrate Him.

One last thing. Jesus – My Friend. My Lover. Bae.
He turned my life around. COMPLETELY.
Who I was before I met Him, and who I am now that we have this beautiful relationship are two polar opposites.
For this, I celebrate Him.

Happy Birthday Jesus Christ Emmanuel Messiah Saviour Redeemer Lover Friend and Brother.
I love you. From the bottom of my heart I do. I hope that a heart filled with thanksgiving is a suitable enough birthday present for you, My Love.

Please join me in celebrating JEHOVAH today! It’s His birthday!

Merry Christmas to you, beautiful people!!

Dear God (Oriana)

Dear God,

It’s been a while.
I’ve just been feeling so bleehh lately and I know that I should have come to you before now but I didn’t know how.
I mean, your daughter is going through it, like really going through at the moment.
The temptation is suffocating, I’m about to lose my mind. I
need your peace. I need the silence so I can hear from You.
I feel like our connection is slowly disintegrating and I hate it.
Dad please come through for me, I can’t do it on my own.

Your Beloved,

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Stay blessed! ❤️

Dear God (RSI)

Dear God,
You know who’s writing to you.
I really need to let this out, you are my best friend. And you’re like the best, best friend ever.
I’m sure you already know about this boy, but I’m still going to tell you about him anyway.
He’s now my ex boyfriend, how I wish that wasn’t a fact.
I know we did disappoint you a couple of times in our acts, and I sincerely apologise for that.
But honestly, I just want to thank you for what you have made me realise. For finally letting me know my worth. And for showing me that I deserve much more.
Our break up would probably be the toughest thing right now, but that’s why I’ve got you.
Oh, I love you so much, cause you’ve just got me forever. Help me till the time is right, to find another.
I love you Lord. I really really do.

Rsi x

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Stay blessed! ❤️

Dear God (El)

Dear Elohim,

I call you El, because it is also my name. It makes me feel like we get each other. I know you get me, which is crazy because I don’t get myself that much, and I get you even less. But I do share your name. That gives me some comfort. Comfort about life.

I often don’t ask of you a lot, because I believe that you know me better than I know myself, and you know what you are doing with me.
I have faith in this.
And in my quiet moments, I always feel your presence.

What I do ask of you, Lord, is understanding. Let me understand life; mine and that of others. All life.
Why, Lord? Why this entire edifice? What is it about us that made this necessary?
What is it about you that you want us to understand?
How does a reckless fool like me learn wisdom?
I love those parts of the Bible where I am told that you speak with a still, small voice. Like I said, I’ve often found you in the silent places of life, in the face of those experiences which we can not put into words.
How do I stay there?
I know that we do not die at them, but until we die, am I ever going to understand?
I am full of questions, some of them so impossible to put into words that I must pass over them in silence. I trust that you understand.
I need you to help me make things clear.

Your son.

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Dear God (Sandra Adeyemi)

Dear God (Sandra Adeyemi)

Dear God,
Firstly, I just want to thank you for everything that you have done, what you are presently doing and what you are going to do in my life.
Many times I complain even when I know I shouldn’t. I doubt your abilities and I limit you with my own words and thoughts, and for that Father I come before you to ask for forgiveness.

Sigh, God, you see all that is going on and sometimes it feel like nothing is happening. Most times I want to give up, I want to yell or cry. But then I have to remember that you said you have a plan for me, to give me a future and an end.
It’s frustrating sometimes I won’t lie but I know that you will work everything out for my good.
Thank you for restoring peace in my family.

Mold me o Lord into your humble servant. When people see me let them see Christ. Create in me a clean Heart God. Help me to love others like you’ve loved me. Help me to love you more than anything. Because you must increase and I must decrease. Let everything that I do please you. Let me not put you or myself to shame. It is not easy and I cannot do it on my own. I need you each and everyday to get by. Help me to strain my mouth God because I know I be too quick to talk sometimes.

Please protect all my loved ones. All my sisters and brothers in Christ and even those who don’t know you. Bring all your children back home. And I pray everyone encounters you in a different way like never before.
Thank you Jesus.


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The Dear God Series

The Dear God Series

I’m going to be starting a new series on the blog titled “Dear God”s

Basically, a couple of contributors are going to be sharing heartfelt letters written to God here.

Why are we doing this?

There is something about our mindset on prayer. A lot of people feel like if you’re going to pray to God, you have to obey a lot of protocol, and use a lot of very official and formal words. We approach prayer and talking to God like we’re speaking to our President instead of to our best friend. But God really is our Friend. He’s our loving Father and so He wants us to speak to Him in that accord.

When you write letters to God, it personalizes everything. Now you’re writing to your Loving Father, to your Best Friend. The words flow out. Sometimes you find that you cannot stop writing.

This is the point of the Dear God series.

Because we are tired of prayers that are only “Forgive me God, I ask you for *insert your latest want here* God, Thank you God.

We we want to go from that to “Dear God, I’ve had an awesome day today. I even met a new friend today, I hope she turns out to be a great person… (and it goes on)

We want to have a REAL conversation. A MEANINGFUL conversation. An INSIGHTFUL conversation with our Father.


It is my prayer that God uses this to teach us how to communicate effectively with Him in Jesus name, Amen!


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