The Lady, Her Lord

Look at me,
This is not what I used to be.

My heart feels as light as laughter,
thank God I am free.

I was once pierced by thorns,
shattered by life’s cruel whips,
Broken by despair and despised of men.
Like the woman with the issue of blood,
like Magdalene possessed of seven devils,
Nain’s widow whose only hope was lost,
Like the harlot to be killed by rocks

My smile had turned into agony and my joy to pain,
The twinkle in my eyes; a dull shine,
my giggle; a muffled cry
My rosebud had faded and the leaves had lost their colour.
And my dress; my dress was a torn rag on my back.
All that was left of me was a broken bleeding crying mass of pain and shame.

And the I met him on my way to the dust; to eternal loss.
He loved me; His eyes said it all.

He took me in his arms and he washed me,
He healed my hurt, rubbed my sores with wine and oil
He gave me a clean robe to wear and then he brushed my hair.
Gathered my broken dreams all shatered like glass and mended them.
made them into his thoughts for me.

Then He took me to see what had become of me.
In his glass, all that I could see was Glory!

I had become His Glory?
I that was once no one,
nobody, all broken, my life a sorry story,
and yet He loved me and made me this?

Then he said,”You are my Lady”.

My lover is mine and I am his,
He takes me in His arms and He leads me,
Like a sail in the wind, He fills me
and on the sea of His love I am lost.

He is my King, My shield, My Comfort and my Knight,
to protect, defend and shield me.
Because I am His lady,

His eyes said it all.
My Love, My life, My all.

I call him Lord.

This beautiful poem was written 15 years ago by my amazing Aunty, Mrs Chinenye Nnoli.

Her website is

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