Dear God (Nihinola)

Dear God,

Well Daddy, is it okay if I call you that? I just want to say thank you. Anytime i say thank you, tears well up in my eyes! Why? Simply because You keep doing marvellous things in my life. I look back and wonder why am I soo soo blessed? Definitely not by my power or might, But by your Grace Daddy , I’m thankful

Woooow! Thank you for 2015, yet another Year. Thank you for emotions. The tingling sensation I feel when I try to imagine what you’ve planned for me. Do i even have the brain capacity to imagine it?

Wonderful Daddy, I can only pray your will be done on Heaven and on earth. I commit myself unto thee. Help Help Help me to stand firm in Christ. Please please please Do not leave or forsake me. Thank you again Daddy Lord.

Your daughter,

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Stay blessed! ❤️

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