Dear God (Bethany)

Dear God,
I’m writing another letter , haha. I’m writing to tell you how grateful I am for this past year . Lord thank you for today , the last day in 2014 . In January , you appointed Angel Grace , Angel Love and Angel Blessing to me . Grace was everywhere with me . Love – Well Love was a bit scarce but I’m grateful for her . And Blessing – Blessing kept surprising me everywhere I went . I’m thanking you in advance for the new set of Angels you’re appointing to me in 2015.
This year , Grandpa relocated to Heaven . Please tell him how much I miss him . I had my Sixteenth this year . I got into the University . My hearing was perfected . I want to go on but I cannot .
Also , this past summer , Angel Grace led me to meet the most wonderful set of young Christians .(The Lighters) . She told me you had it all planned and asked her to suprise me . My new family . Father I cannot write everything down , but believe me when I say – I am Thankful .
Oh and lest I forget , thank you for our Charity . Everyone that came & those that didn’t . Everyone that gave & those that didn’t, Bless them Dad.

Your daughter,

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