2015: Provoking God to Action

From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force. Matthew 11:12

This is one of those scriptures everyone knows. One of those that we all quote. All the time. Let’s talk about it a little.

When it talks about violence, violence here is not in the throwing of punches and blows, and wielding of knives and all the Kung fu moves. But you know that already, don’t you?

Violence here talks about this sort of desperation, this innate need, this zeal. The point where you need something as much as you need to breathe. The kind of need that pushes and motivates you to go the extra mile. That’s what we’re talking about today.
Going that extra mile.
Exerting pressure on the Kingdom of God.
Forcefully receiving of the Father.
Provoking Jehovah to action.

Luke chapter 5, verses 18, 19, 24 and 25. Let’s look at that.

18 Some men came carrying a paralyzed man on a sleeping mat. They tried to take him inside to Jesus,
19 but they couldn’t reach him because of the crowd. So they went up to the roof and took off some tiles. Then they lowered the sick man on his mat down into the crowd, right in front of Jesus.

24 So I will prove to you that the Son of Man has the authority on earth to forgive sins.” Then Jesus turned to the paralyzed man and said, “Stand up, pick up your mat, and go home!”
25 And immediately, as everyone watched, the man jumped up, picked up his mat, and went home praising God.

See how amazing that is? This paralysed man, he wanted healing. But then there were so many other people surrounding Jesus, the paralysed man couldn’t reach Him.
He was desperate. He wanted to be made whole. He wanted His healing! And so what did he do? HE PERFORMED A VIOLENT ACT! Whutttt?! He was lowered from the ceiling of the temple. Ahann! Talk about violence!
But you know what? His action provoked JESUS into action. Jesus did not plan to heal Him, I mean the paralysed man couldn’t even get into the temple. But Jesus performed an UNPRECEDENTED MIRACLE. He was healed! He was made whole!

Now that’s what I’m talking about!
2015, Provoke God to action. Provoke God to DO MORE. You cannot be content with the level you’re in now, reach further! Go higher! Enter deeper!
Decide that 2015, you will do something to catch the attention of Jehovah.
He has great plans for you in 2015, but tell Him you want something GREATER. Call it “spiritual Ojukokoro” if you want.

Maybe you’ve been praying to God for 10 minutes, change it to 1 hour. And if you’ve been doing 1 hour, do 3 hours in 2015. Spend more time with Him, tarry in His presence.
Fast more. Read your Bible more. CATCH THE ATTENTION OF JEHOVAH! Exert violence on the Kingdom of God.

Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you, and to direct you in this.

Happy New Year to all the amazing people God has led to this blog, I love you! God bless you! Let me hear from you!

I have tagged this year “My Year of Greater Works” My testimony will come out of this. I know.

For Further Reading on Provoking God to Action, Please study:
1. Mark 5: 25-34
2. John 2: 1-11.

Stay Blessed! ✨

3 thoughts on “2015: Provoking God to Action

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