2014: My Thanksgiving and Testimony

Will my 2014 be complete if I don’t talk about Your goodness, Lord?
If I don’t share my testimony, Daddy? If I don’t tell the world how good, how amazing, how wonderful, how marvelous You’ve been to me?
I don’t know, I’m not sure it will.
Here I am Lord, here I am to celebrate You. To let You know that you truly are God.


I’m not sure where to start from. This year, Lord, You taught me that I truly am NOTHING without You.
You taught me to depend on You, and you brought me deeper in You.
You taught me to not care about about the opinion of other people. You taught me to ignore the side talks. You taught me to keep my focus on You alone. You let me know that I live to please You, and You alone.

Oh My Amazing Creator. This year, You’ve taken me through a period of preparation. Painstakingly taught me lesson after lesson, on how to live in a way that is pleasing in Your sight. You molded me, and You’re still molding me into the vessel You want me to be.

There were times I failed You. Times I didn’t meet up to Your expectations. Times I missed the mark. But You were always there. With arms wide spread in love, waiting to take me back. What manner of man are You, My Saviour?

And then there were times where I felt like giving up. The devil never stopped trying to come in. Never stopped trying to find a loophole. Never stopped trying to attack.
Through it all, Daddy. Through it all, You’ve been faithful.

Ah, JEHOVAH! You have shown Yourself to me this year!
People talk and talk and talk about You. But how many people truly know You? How many people have truly experienced You, for who You are?

Jehovah Jireh. Jehovah Nissi. Jehovah Shammah. Adonai. JEHOVAH RAPHA. Jehovah Meschidesken. Jehovah Tsikednu. Redeemer. SAVIOUR. Lover. LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH. Mighty Man in Battle!
Father, I do not call You these names simply because of how nice they sound, or because I want to show that I know them, and I know their meanings.
I call You these names because that is how You have showed Yourself to me this year. When I call you these names, I do with meaning. Because I know that is who You are, and You have revealed Yourself as such in my life.

Then comes my question. Who am I, O Sovereign Lord, that You have brought me this far?
What have I done, to deserve Your blessings? Your glory? Your favour? Your upliftment? Your Spirit?
You’ve taken me far Daddy. Brought me to places I actually never expected. And You know what else, You’re not done. This is only the beginning. Wow. I’m blown away, My love.

Thank you. All I have to say is thank you.
For my life, Thank you.
For my family, Thank you.
For the amazing friends you sent my way this year, Thank you.
For the wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ you’ve given me, Thank you.
For the members of my Bible study group, Thank you.
For every battle You have lead me through, Thank you.
For every victory You have given me, Thank you.
For every new height You have taken me to, Daddy, Thank you.
For the lives of the people who read my blog, Thank you Daddy.

I love you. I love you feels insufficient to express this feeling I’m feeling. My hearts is overflowing with love for you Jehovah. I love you. I love you. I love you. Onye n’emenma, Dalu so. Imela ❤️❤️

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