Dear God (Ezinne)

Dear God,
It’s me again.
Um, I know I haven’t been talking to you a lot recently & that’s why I’m so nervous now but I have a lot to say & you’re the only one I know that’ll completely understand.

When I started this year, I was so sad & afraid. I used to cry a lot, but you know that already, don’t you?
Because I stayed in your presence for hours sometimes begging that my parents stay together but they separated anyway.

You have never ignored my prayers Daddy and that was why I was so confused. I didn’t talk to you for months because I was so angry and hurt and it was a good excuse to sin.

Why my family? It hurt to see my siblings hurt and I suffered. Stepped up, took on so much responsibility, while trying to hide my sadness and problems from the world and also not mess up in school.

But then You still called me. You made events in my life turn around and lead me back to You. And now I finally understand. I’m SO much stronger & braver & wiser. I know what I want & what I don’t. All this time I thought you abandoned me but you were really just toughening me.
Making me into this amazing, beautiful, woman who is now wife material uncountable yards lol because you have great plans for me.
I just love you.
You’re the real mvp lol.
You’re my best friend.
You’re amazing.

All my love forever,

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Stay blessed! ❤️

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