Dear God (Ugonna)

Dear God,
Haha, I just finished reading the Word and I feel kinda great and I know its You doing it because everything good comes from You.
Ehen! I was gonna tell you about this girl, even though you already know… she’s so beautiful!
I think I like her but I need to chill and come to You first because she may not be what you want for me, because You have set out the best for me. Sha, I believe you’ll speak to me more on this topic.
Oh and by the way, God I want to ask for your help with all my assessments, and that of my family members and friends. For your strength and favour with our results.
Thank you for I know you have already done it!
My day is practically about to start and I know you have given me everything I need to take advantage of it!
Thank you very much Lord!

I love you.

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If you would love to submit your letter to God, you can here

Stay blessed! ❤️

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