Dear God (Nini)

Dear God,

Sometimes I feel like so many people want to talk at you not with you.
They want to tell you what they want, not what you’re offering them.
They demand from you instead of asking you.
I shout at you instead of crying to you. Sometimes, it’s hard.
The devil is constantly there chilling for me to fall.
Even the word hard makes me feel like I have already because nothing is too hard or impossible for you so why Lord do I go on about my hardships? Why in this letter am I still telling you about how hard my life is?

Man. I don’t even know.

I read somewhere that praise confuses the enemy.
Joy is ignited in my heart when I type that down. Lol. Knowing somehow I can still win this battle.
It gives me home. I guess it’s a start. You’ve done so much for me.
You have brought me through so much, Lord.
You were right (duh) when you said “Is anything too great for the Lord?”.
So why do I complain about my hardships still?
Is it some deep down social need? Or do I not believe you can do it? I will glorify you beyond mountains. I will worship you before the seas.
Oh Jehovah, I will tell all creatures about your works.
Then I will lie in my resting place and praise you with the skies. Oh MY El shaddai, is anything too great for you?

As my tears fall, I know you are comforting me, I know you love me. You are great.. My Baby, I am not here to tell you how hard my life is. I don’t want to talk at you anymore. My Baby, I will not shout at you today. I am here to listen to the King.


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Stay blessed! ❤️

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