Memoirs of My Missions Trip to Frankadua, Eastern Region, Ghana.

Earlier this year; from the 28th of July till the 3rd of August, I went on a mission trip to Frankadua, in the eastern region of Ghana.
What an experience!
Basically, I went with the missions department of my school – Central University College.
At first, I was really hesitant to. I had so many questions – Am I ready for this? Can I do it? Challenges and all?
I am so glad and thankful to God that I eventually did.

It was POWERFUL in every sense of the word! My God!
There is a joy that comes from sharing the word of God. It’s wonderful.

Our main daily activities were –
1. Dawn broadcast (4:00 am – 5:00 am)
We would go in groups to different parts of the village with those little amplifiers and all. People would just be rising up from sleep, sweeping their compounds and stuff. We would just preach the message of salvation, encourage the people. Share the love of God with them.

2. House to House Evangelism (8:15 am – 11:30 am, 1:30pm – 4:30pm)
This was my second best favourite activity. Everyone partnered up and just went from house to house, preaching the Good News of Christ!
This one dealt with me emotionally.
I went to some houses and I just had to keep my tears inside and compose.
People bared their hearts to me.
I’ll share one story.

My partner and I went to this house. And this man was sitting right outside with a flimsy wrapper around his waist.
Thinking of his story brings me to tears. Even as I write this.
He was successful – working and earning a good salary. He had a wife, he had children too.
And all of a sudden, from nowhere came this disease that left him unable to walk.
He was at the hospital for a while, until all his money was drained on hospital bills. His wife left him, and then his brother brought him back to the village.
In the twinkle of an eye. Everything, gone. His aged mother who should have been enjoying the fruits of her labour was rather the one taking care of him.
You could see the bitterness, the pain in his eyes. He had lost all hope.
This story has a happy ending though. This man stood up on his feet again, and took steps after so many years. God used us to bring back hope into his life.
I don’t know what’s happening with him now, but I know that God is turning his life around for the better.
I entreat you to please pray for him for me.

3. CRUSADE! (6:00pm – 10:00pm)
Well most days we finished at 10pm. Some days we finished later.
This was my favourite part.
GOD MOVED. Did you hear what I said? GOD MOVED!
Everyday, we watched the number of people attending the crusade increase.
The altar calls – amazing. People surrendering their lives to Jehovah. It was awesome.

At the end of it all, I wish we had stayed for longer. 2 weeks, 3 or even a month.
We formed a real bond with the people of Frankadua.
And God moved.
God brought hope to those people through us, but He also taught me a lot. I learnt, I grew, I loved.

I look forward to attending more mission trips every year.

I also ask that you please put the people of Frankadua in the Eastern region of Ghana in your prayers for me.

I’ll share a couple of pictures as well.



















Stay blessed 💜

4 thoughts on “Memoirs of My Missions Trip to Frankadua, Eastern Region, Ghana.

  1. God is surely using you greatly , I can clearly see God’s action through your life. I pray your anointing from God never runs dry. God bless you !


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